Ten Thousand Worlds

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Detective Max Behr

Supernatural Sleuth


Brawling: Gr(+2)(15)Great(+2)(15)
Agility: Gd(+1)(10)Good(+1)(10)
Strength: Gd(+1)(10)Good(+1)(10)
Endurance: Gr(+2)(15)Great(+2)(15)
Willpower: Cm(0)(6)Common(0)(6)
Intelligence: Cm(0)(6)Common(0)(6)
Perception: Gd(+1)(10)Good(+1)(10)
Resourcefulness: Cm(0)(6)Common(0)(6)
Reputation: Gr(+2)(15)Great(+2)(15)
Health Points: 50
Story Points: 28
Detective Max Behr


Sense Faeries: Gr(+2)(15)Great(+2)(15)
Sense Magic: Gr(+2)(15)Great(+2)(15)

In Max Behr’s vision, people and things with magical power radiate patterned auras, distinct from any sort of natural light. With a successful Sense Magic check, he can learn something about the nature of the magic he senses by comparing the aura he sees with those he’s seen before. He has no trouble detecting the aura of any creature from the land of Faerie, and can instantly spot any faeries within 300 m (900 ft). With a successful Sense Faeries check, he can even spot the auras of faeries that are disguised or hidden from normal sight.

Linguistic Savant: OuOutstanding(+3)(20)

Max has the supernatural ability to learn a new language just by spending at least 10 turns listening to its native speakers. Any language related to one he learned naturally requires a GoodGood(+1)(10) result level to learn; other human languages require a GreatGreat(+2)(15) result; inhuman languages require a OutstandingOutstanding(+3)(20) result (and his human vocal chords may still not allow him to form the right sounds to answer back). A week after his last exposure to a new language, it will fade from Behr’s mind (GdGood(+1)(10) limitation), but this power does allow him to purchase language skills at half price (rounded up).

Regenerate: Gd(+1)(10)Good(+1)(10)

Max heals faster than the average human being, and given enough time, can even regrow a lost limb, all without so much as a scar to remind him of the injury. He regenerates 10 Health Points for every turn of complete rest, and one level of one diminished trait for every hour of complete inactivity. For this reason, he can’t maintain a tattoo or piercing, and must trim his hair and nails every day.


Arcana: (+1) bonus to Intelligence.

Detective: (+1) bonus to Intelligence and Perception.

Firearms: (+1) bonus to Agility.

Languages: English (Canada), French (Quebec).

Stealth: (-1) penalty to being followed or tracked.

Unarmed Combat: (+1) bonus to Brawling.


Mobile Phone

Price: Dr(-3)(1)Dreadful(-3)(1)

  • Signal Range: Wk(-2)(2)Weak(-2)(2), 4 km
  • Requires a telecommunications network
Forensics Kit
  • (+1) bonus when using the Detective skill in the field to analyze physical evidence.
Modified 9mm FN Browning HP-35 Pistol

Price: Ex(+4)(30)Extraordinary(+4)(30)

  • Material: Gr(+2)(15)Great(+2)(15), metal
  • Range: Gd(+1)(10)Good(+1)(10), 200 m (600 ft)
  • Damage: Gd(+1)(10)Good(+1)(10), sharp
  • Shots: 13
Ring of Fables
  • (+1) bonus to Willpower when negotiating with supernatural creatures.
  • The ring may hold other powers of which Max’s mother never told him, but he hasn’t yet tried to discover them.


Detective Janet Chase: PrPoor(-1)(4)

Toronto Police Detective and Max’s ex-wife.

The Toronto Thaumaturgy Guild: GrGreat(+2)(15)

A group of magical scholars, theorists, and researchers.

Sterling McKinney: CmCommon(0)(6)

Max’s old college boxing coach and mentor, who now runs the boxing gym where Behr works out.


Fugitive: OuOutstanding(+3)(20)

Once per chapter, there is a chance that some supernatural creature will come to Max asking for help, sometimes politely, sometimes with a threat, always in the most persistent and obtrusive manner it can arrange without actually revealing itself to more mundane human beings. The longer he ignores the creature, the more of a nuisance it will become. Sprites may just distract people when they need to concentrate, and brownies may pull pranks, but goblins engineer accidents.



Max is a big bearish human male about 188 cm (6 ft 2 in) tall and weighing about 118 kg (260 lbs), with bright blue eyes, a reddish-blonde goatee, and blonde bangs that never seem to stay in place. He’s in his mid 30’s, stocky, solid, and given to wearing a mid-20th century Fedora, a voluminous trenchcoat, and an array of revolting ties.


Max’s late mother used to tell him that when he was born, she used a magic ring (his only keepsake of her) to call on a sprite, a brownie, and a goblin to bless her son. The sprite said he would always bounce back from life’s little accidents, the brownie declared his eyes and ears would always be open to the world around him, and the goblin sneered and said the boy’s life would always be interesting. It has been.

If you’re a supernatural creature roaming around Ontario, Max Behr is the mortal to go to when you have problems with the world of humans. Whether it’s an ancestor spirit unable to communicate a warning to her TV-entranced descendants, or a garden gnome gagging on pesticides, they all come to Max. They come because he can both see them properly and hold his own against dangerous humans whose actions disrupt the natural world and the “Silvery Realm” where they reside. He tends to be so busy with supernatural clients that he rarely works for humans.

While Max can be a careful and very professional investigator, when he’s frustrated he tends to adopt the simplest and most direct approach to a problem (his fists) —perhaps because his personal life gets so complicated. Behr lives in Toronto with his husband, Donatien, and their mischief-magnet of a daughter, Ambre, who seems to have inherited his powers. He’s still cordial to his ex-wife, a detective for the Toronto PD. By mutual agreement, Ambre lives with him, because he has the best chance of teaching her to control her powers and to hide them from others. His former in-laws, however, don’t know the truth about Ambre and Max, and only see a little girl who spends too much time talking to imaginary friends, a father whose office is rarely open for business, and a new spouse that, well, simply isn’t their daughter. They would like nothing better than to have Behr declared an unfit parent and take direct control over their grand daughter’s upbringing. Thus far they have resorted to spying on Max and getting Ambre’s school to give her all manner of mental and physical tests. Fortunately for the status quo, Max knows almost every private investigator in town, Ambre is in robust mental and physical health and always makes top marks in school, and Donatien is not just a chef but a nutritionist. The ex-in-laws probably won’t leave Behr alone until Ambre graduates from university. As tempted as he gets to direct a goblin pack their way, he just works out his frustrations on the job or sparing at the gym —to the sorrow of anything on the receiving end of one of his fists.


Home Base: Modern-day Toronto

Story: Max Behr can fit into just about any modern fantasy story. He can be a great ally so long as he doesn’t get impatient while you’re trying to be subtle and sneaky. Max could cross paths with heroes fighting an environmental crime, where the forrest they are trying to save is also the home of some wood spirits. Alternately, a PC who gets permission to use the library of the Toronto Thaumaturgy Guild might learn that the tome she desperately needs is on loan to Max. If she talks the librarian into telling her where Behr lives, she may come to his home just in time to see some unsavory fellow looking into his kitchen window and taking notes…

Character Points: (2,776 - 25 in limitations =) 2,751

Unused Character Points: 49 (built with 2,800 points)