Ten Thousand Worlds Version 1.5 Released

Version 1.5 of Ten Thousand Worlds has just been released. Tighter; Smoother; Better looking. Characters and gear built using version 1.0 might require a few adjustments to be fully compatible with this version, but should still work just fine. Enjoy.

The coming year will hopefully bring a mix of new titles plus classic titles updated for version 1.5.

Happy New Year and Happy Gaming!

Mojo & Jinx Version 1.5 Released

Version 1.5 of Mojo has just been released. An excerpt:

Jones grew up learning there were some things one simply didn’t ask in the Midnight Cabaret, such as how a trick really worked, a performer’s home town, and what Uncle Ernie did on his nights off that sometimes brought him home with bloody knuckles…

Version 1.5 of Jinx has also been released. An excerpt:

What few outside the Midnight Cabaret realize is that nearly everyone in the show is a war refugee from some faraway magical realm, worlds overrun by evil. Despite leaving their conquered homes and taking human form, the enemies of these survivors sometimes send minions after them; perhaps to thwart future reprisals; perhaps to finish the job. The performers always look for signs of incursions by their old enemies as they travel around the troupe’s new home.