Ten Thousand Worlds. A collection of everyday objects wreathed in wisps of arcane power, whirling through the air to form a roughly human shape: bits of a broken barrel for shoulders and hips; a horseshoe, thimbles, and tools for a left hand; a spiked mace and chain for a right hand; a broken broom and wooden spoon for a right leg; a vase and broken rake for a left leg; an anvil and a stool for a torso; a dented helmet for a head; and everything from mugs to balls to nails completing the shape.

Welcome to a growing collection of resources for Ten Thousand Worlds, a game that lets you and your friends exercise your creativity and imagination as you work together to experience stories in the great tradition of heroic fiction —stories that you create yourselves. Here you’ll find characters, gear, and entire worlds of ideas to use in your stories. If you are unfamiliar with this game, or with the idea of an RPG, begin with Ten Thousand Worlds itself.

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