Version 1.5, January 2023

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Individual Images:

Preview for PotLuck, Image 004. A sleek, simple two-handed sword with a guard and pommel that end in spheres, pointing upward. It glows with a golden light Behind it, the glowing silhouettes of eight other swords fall away to both sides in an arc.

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Preview for PotLuck, Image 003. A small glowing green screen held in a dull grey box-like device on the end of a thick textured handle, topped with glowing green knobby protrusions.

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Preview for PotLuck, Image 002. A futuristic stubby pistol and a longer rifle of a similar design, crafted from a grey metal and a blue alloy. Both use clear vials of a crimson gel and a golden liquid as their ammunition and its payload. Two replacement vials stand upright nearby.

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Preview for PotLuck, Image 001. A voluminous fluttering purple cloak lined in emerald green, with a large popped collar and a golden oval clasp set with a pink gem carved into the shape of an abstract feather.

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Worlds: Earth

Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction

Resources: Gear