Ten Thousand Worlds


A Living World Under Siege

“Haven” to no less than six native sentient species (the Lutins, Korobokuru, Wakyambi, Sidhe, Rakshasas, and Humans) and an alien refugee species (the Couatl), this world is a special place. She overflows with the power of life; her very clouds and lakes can have thoughts; and on some level, Haven herself is alive. Her vast, rolling, dreaming consciousness can sometimes be touched by those with the proper skill.

To touch the mind of Mother Haven these days is to feel her apprehension: she is under siege on several fronts. From within, her own children are building marvelous creations that may soon outpace their ability to control them —and their effects on the biosphere. From without, her twin sister has become a silent world of beautiful graves, now known as Ghost; and her eccentric cousin Antipode is a world of fiends (the Tzitzimitl) who try cross the gulf of space between them every time he gets near her. From beyond, malevolent psychic entities are promising her children their grandest dreams if they’d simply allow them to manifest, just once…

Fortunately, Haven is not without champions. Though her children live at various technological levels equivalent to Earth’s stone–steam ages, they’ve developed the “technology” of expanding both body and mind to reach and redefine their full potential. Some of the abilities of native Havenites are nothing short of magical. For now, the siege holds.

Titles for Haven may be adapted for use in several types of stories, and each stands more-or-less on its own, but together they make the complete background of the world of Haven.


Version 1.0, May 2019


The peoples of Haven have lived in fear of these creatures for over a thousand years. I was almost eaten in one bite by a Couatl, nearly lost my senses to the last surviving Mind Virus, and came very close to being burned alive with the Unquenchable Fire, all to try to discover the secrets of the Star Demons. Here’s what little I've learned…

Nyomi Witu

Version 1.0, January 2013


As a Ghost Blade Warrior, Nyomi Witu has mastered the ability to summon a Ghost Blade: a meter-long semi- transparent sword of pure mental energy. She can make her particular Ghost Blade appear anywhere … even inside of something, or someone.


Version 1.0, September 2012


…she really doesn’t have much respect for creatures that aren’t her physical or mental equals. She does, however, make exceptions for creatures that she finds interesting, or who can lead her to the interesting items that she enjoys collecting. All other creatures are potential prey.


Version 1.0, June 2012


The worst thing an opponent can do when facing Concordia is give her time to prepare for a fight. With even one turn to spare, Lyra will start casting her best spells on herself.


Version 1.0, February 2010


The great flying Crystal Ships of the Sidhe were designed to be strong, to be fast, and to endure all manner of adverse conditions, but despite their honorable showing in the First War of the Falling Stars, they were never meant for combat.

Time Enough

Version 2.0, August 2017


Haven dreamed herself. She dreamed herself in many forms. She dreamed her skies and oceans, mountains and valleys. She dreamed parts of herself with their own free will and their own dreams. In short, she dreamed her people…

Wild Things

Version 2.0, November 2017


The majority of Chimerae live in and around the White Waste, Haven’s largest desert and site of the world’s worst magical catastrophe. … Natural philosopher Marius Thane, who has risked his life to study the Couatl, believes that they await the hatching of the “Paragon”, a being that will lead them in the retaking of Ghost.

Land and Sky

Version 1.0, November 2009


Some passes come closer than others, so much so that on some crossings, the glowing red crevices cracking its black pearl surface can be seen with by unaided human eyes ... There is evidence to suggest that ages ago, the inhabitants of Ghost were wiped out by an invasion from Antipode.


Version 2.0, January 2017


…these practices hint at the powers that were once possessed by Humans before a planet-wide magical catastrophe changed them forever.


Version 2.0, September 2016


They fearlessly experiment with technology, sometimes just to see what happens. Lutin mages have tried to infuse their machines with magic. Their tinkerers have tried to reverse-engineer alien relics from the Wars of the Fallen Stars. Lutins have developed both steam engines and gun powder. The results of all this tinkering have been mixed, and Lutins haven’t been the only ones who have suffered when their experiments have gone wrong. The easiest way to draw the ire (if not outright hostility) of most other sentient species on Haven is to openly display Lutin technology.


Version 2.0, April 2018


A warrior who attains vita ngoma ya akili (battle dance mind) is aware of the flow of an entire battle at the same time she notices one minute flaw in an opponent’s defenses, and can anticipate attacks split seconds before they hit.


Version 2.0, May 2017


It is within the ability of most educated people on Haven to learn the structure of Koro-go, the Korobokuru language, but about half their vocabulary is incomprehensible to non-Koro. Koro-go has words for colors beyond red, for combinations of magnetic field characteristics beyond just polarity and strength, and for complex emotional interactions. Conversely, the language has few ways to describe deliberate deception, such as lying, because it’s very difficult to do in Koro society.


Version 2.0, June 2018


…Even those depicted in the artworks of other species have all been replaced by blank spaces on canvases, gaps in bas-reliefs, and empty lines in songs. Just about everyone on Haven is certain the Rakshasas went extinct during the same magical catastrophe that gave rise to the White Waste.


Version 2.0, January 2015


…Some say they are like puppet masters, manipulating world events as they fight decades-long feuds by proxy; Others say they are the secret guardians of Haven, the world’s last defense. One thing is known: to survive the ages, each one had to have become an extremely dangerous being in her own right.

Within Without Beyond

Version 1.1, April 2009


Harmony schools emphasize a rational approach, featuring meditation and the learning of greater self-control. Chaos schools emphasize a more emotional, intuitive approach that features all-night dervishes and self-discovery through powerful experiences.


Version 2.0, November 2018


…both the blade and handle will change length to make this weapon the equal of a long knife, swords of various sizes, or a 3 m (10 ft) pole arm, all the while remaining nearly weightless and perfectly balanced…

Vol Garn

Version 1.1, May 2007


…He has a plush coat of vibrant purple fur, turquoise eyes, ivory teeth and claws, and iridescent feathers that range in color from salmon pink to lemon yellow to turquoise blue. A bright pink nose tops his cat-like muzzle, and the insides of his large, fan-shaped, scalloped ears repeat all the colors in his feathers…


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