Version 2.0, September 2016

This title was designed using an older version of this game, and might need a few minor adjustments to be completely compatible with the latest version.

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Individual Images:

Preview for Lutins, Image 005. A squat, upright creature whose tan fur, twin eye-stalks, and pivoting spade-shaped ears poke out from between the plates of a blue-black crab-like suit of armor with a bubble texture. It carries a shield carved to resemble a screaming face, a boot-knife, and a pistol made from the same material as the armor.

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Preview for Lutins, Image 004. An upright, tan and cream fuzzy being in purple and white robes and gold-tasseled scarves, with an antelope-like head and neck, long lashes around cobalt-blue eyes, large frilled reptilian ears, backward-curving fore-paws, and six green tentacles coming out of its back.

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Preview for Lutins, Image 003. An upright creature in brown fur resembling some sort of fox or hyena with a row of ivory spikes across the top of its head, cobalt-blue eyes, and sharp ivory teeth and claws. It wears an ear ring, armor on the right shoulder, a bracelet, and a right shin guard —all of which seem to be made out of blue-black bubbles with the occasional face coming through. The creature points a wide-barreled gun, constructed in a similar manner, which resembles a cross between a warthog and a spiny fish.

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Preview for Lutins, Image 002. A creature like a tan, long-furred koala with a bat-like face rides a blue-black, four-legged insect-shaped machine; holding a blue-black rifle in its fore-paws and steering with its hind-paws.

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Preview for Lutins, Image 001. A furry, mossy-green humanoid being standing on pale brown cloven hooves and leaning on a gnarled wooden staff, with three fingers and two thumbs on each hand, a heavy chest, bowed back, and an almost feline face. Sandy-colored armored plates protect the head, upper back, and shoulders. Electric green facial markings highlight solid cobalt-blue eyes.

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Worlds: Haven

Genres: Fantasy

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